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."I need to bewith him."Oliver nodded and gave Greg a warm smile."Takeyour time.Jack and I can more than amuse ourselves fora while.And Greg.I'm so pleased you've found yourhome.""Thank you." Greg was holding on by the skin of histeeth.Ap could tell.He stood and shook Oliver's hand, then he turned hisattention to his boy."Come on.Shower first."Solitary 166 Greg nodded, almost running to their room, shouldersbeginning to shake.Ap followed quickly, his wholefocus on his boy now.Nothing else mattered.Greg got the water going, stepped in before it had achance to heat, and gasped, shivering under the spray.Ap shook his head, but didn't say anything.He did waituntil the water had a chance to become hot beforestepping in with his boy.It meant something that Gregimmediately pushed into his arms, seeking comfort inhis arms.He held Greg close and kissed the top of his boy'shead."I have you." He did, and nothing needed tochange.Just because Greg had money, didn't mean heneeded to leave or start buying things or do anythingother than what they were already doing."Okay.You'll keep me.Still?"He swatted Greg's ass."I will keep you and spankyou every time you say 'okay' forever.My love isn'tconditional on whether or not you have money.""Okay."He spanked Greg's ass again."One more time andwhen we get out of this shower I'm giving you a goodlong spanking." He thought maybe that was exactlywhat Greg wanted.Greg met his eyes, "Okay."He nodded, pressed their foreheads together."Whenwe get out of the shower.I promise.Good and hard.Long." For as long as Greg needed it."Thank you." Greg kissed him, the action slow,desperately sweet.He held onto Greg and kissed his boy back, feedingone sweet buss after the other to his lover.Greg stayedclose, clinging to him, lips open to his kisses.Theyshared kiss after kiss, the water beating down on them,steam keeping the room warm."I want to be yours forever.""Yes." He didn't want to ever let go.He had the collarMarcus had made for him to give Greg.Oliver hadbrought it with him.Solitary 167 "Good." Greg settled."Is it okay not to want to readthe notebooks right now?""They're not going anywhere.""Good.I don't.I want to remember him my way.""There's nothing wrong with that.If you never readthem, then you never do."Greg nodded, cheek on his shoulder."I loved him.Idid, but you're my master."He nodded."And you're my boy.Nothing is going tochange that.We're here, together.""Together.Do you think he's angry with me forfalling in love with you?""Who? Tim?""Yes.Tim.I hate the thought that he's hurting,because of me, somewhere.""He's dead, Greg.What you do doesn't affect him.""Do you really believe that? You don't believe in."Greg trailed off, searching for words."I believe that when we die, we move on from thisworld.Whether that means going to nothing or going toanother existence& " He shrugged."Either way, thisworld is behind us when we die."I don't know about that.I think maybe we watchpeople we love.""Then he's looking at you, and he's happy that you'vefound someone and aren't alone.""I hope so.""It wouldn't be fair of him to expect you to stayalone, to not know love after he died, Greg.I don't thinkyou need to worry about that."If Tim did, then it hadn't been love he'd felt for Greg."I'm happy you found me."He didn't point out that Oliver had performed thefinding; he was just happy Greg was happy."I'm happy you're my boy.""Good." Greg met his eyes and gave him a quirkylittle grin."Because I'm not going anywhere."He smiled right back."That fits in with my plansperfectly."Solitary 168 He took himself a kiss, tongue pressing into Greg'smouth as the water beat down all around them.***Greg grabbed another handful of snow and peggedJack, right in the butt."Gotcha!"Jack shrieked and jumped."No fair! You'recheating!""No way!" He grabbed more snow, tossed it for thedogs to chase."You are! You've had practice with snow." Jack waslaughing, though, so he obviously wasn't too serious.Greg ran for Jack, laughing hard as he tackled theman and took them both down, the snow puffing aroundthem."Oh, God!" Jack shrieked again, the sound mixingwith laughter as Jack tried to roll them.Months ofchopping woods had made Greg strong, though.He slipped the littlest bit of snow down the collar ofJack's coat.More shrieking came from Jack, and bothOliver and Ap came tumbling out of the house, throwingon their coats."Uh-huh.They heard us!" Greg grinned down atJack, rubbed their noses together.Jack laughed."You're a nutjob, Greg.""I am." He rolled off Jack, started another snowball."Hey, that really would be cheating -- point blankrange!""It's not for you." He winked over.Jack's eyes went wide, and then he started giggling,gathering his own snowball."Are you ready?" he whispered.Jack nodded."Yeah.""Now, Jackie." They both reared back, threw thesnowballs."Oh, It's on! To arms, Ollie!"Ap had a great arm and pegged him hard; Jackresponded by running right into Oliver's arms.ApSolitary 169 lobbed another one at him.He got Ap right in the chest.Laughing, Ap gathered up another snowball, tossing it athim."Greg! Greg, you're doing it wrong!" Jack laughedhard."You're too far away from Ap!"Ap bent, taking his time with his next snowball.Gregstepped closer, drawn to his Master.Ap stood, snowballin hand.He grinned, tossing it at Greg.It sailed over hishead.Laughing, Greg dropped his ammo and headed forAp's open arms.Ap's mouth descended on his, the only hot thing inthe cold.Laughing, happy, he pressed into Ap's warmth,opening so that hungry tongue could taste him.Ap did,holding him close.It was strange, to have so many thicklayers between them.Usually there was just Ap's jeansor sweats, if that."Master." He moaned the word, loving how Apsmiled for him.Jack squealed again and laughed."Snow is so cold!"Ap laughed and Greg grinned."That's why it's callsnow, Jack."His master laughed again."We should make hotchocolate, sit by the fire.They make the cold weather avery good thing.""Oh, yes.Please." He nodded."Please, Master.""That sounds amazing," Jack chimed in.Oliver grinned."I concur.""Then it's a plan.Time to see my boy's skin again."Greg felt his cheeks heat.Ap took his hand and ledthem all back inside.They stomped off the snow in the mud room,everyone stripping off coats and mitts.The dogs joinedthem, barking and underfoot before Ap sent them to thekitchen."I'll get them dried off." He still had on his coveralls,socks."They'll dry by the stove.You strip while I get thechocolate started.""I.Are you sure?""Yep.Go on and sit by the fire with Jack."Solitary 170 "Okay." He stripped down, starting to shiver.Ap gave him a kiss and slid a cold hand over his ass.He peeped, stepped closer.Ap chuckled and tugged himin.His clothes were cold, but between the two of themthey warmed quickly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]