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.I could.flip straight." Justinlost it, hooting with laughter."Flip straight." Chris snorted and started laughing,too."Uh-huh." Justin leaned into him, chest bouncingwith his chuckles."You couldn't flip straight anymore than I could beatyou in a race in the water."Justin snorted."That's not going to happen.""Exactly."Justin kissed the end of his nose."It's good to laugh,huh?""It is, babe.Very good."Justin settled against him, leaning."I've missed you.""I'm right here, babe.""I know." Justin shrugged."I'm glad.""Me, too." He kissed the top of Justin's head,enjoying the moment.Chris found himself holding on, just letting Justin restagainst him.It didn't suck.It didn't suck at all.172 Chapter FourteenJustin looked at the recipe in the book.It didn't makesense.It didn't.He rubbed his forehead and looked at thewords again, watching them swim on the white paper.Oh, fuck, his head hurt."Coach." He headed out of the kitchen."Coach, Ineed you.""In here, Just." Coach's voice came from the livingroom.He stumbled in, swaying."Coach." Migraine.Migraine.The flashing lights started up and he winced,trying to hide from them.Chris would help him.Chrisknew what to do."Shit, Justin.Migraine?" Coach came over and put ahand over his eyes, the warmth and darkness helping atiny bit."Okay, Let's get you into the bathroom, youneed a warm, dark shower." Chris spoke gently, quietly.Justin groaned, leaned into the touch."Help me.""I've got you, babe." Chris led him into the bathroomand didn't turn on the lights, just set him to sit on theedge of the tub and got the hot water on, then helpedhim in.He groaned again, tears sliding down his cheeks.God.God, he felt like shit.Chris held him, the hot water pounding down on him."Breathe, babe.""Hurts." He held on, knowing that Coach had beenwith him through these before."Shh.No talking, just breathing." Those strong handsbegan to work his shoulders, his neck, and the back ofhis head.He started to relax, then the nausea hit him and hepushed up, making the commode as he lost it.Chris kept173 holding him, eased him back into the water when he wasdone.Better.Coach didn't try to talk to him, or make him doanything, just held him, soothed him in the warm wetdark.Justin dozed off, Coach's arms around him even asthey sank to the bottom of the tub.He woke up when Coach started moving him again."Hot's running out.""Uh-huh." He stood up, swaying a little, his headfeeling too light."Let's get you to bed.""Stay with me?""I will, babe.""Thank you." They curled together in bed, Justinhiding his face in Chris' chest.It was quiet and dark andwarm and Chris' hands moved so gently over him."Sorry." It felt so much better."Shh." Chris continued to touch him with thosewarm, sure hands.He dozed, floated, periodically coming up from hiscrazy dreams before sinking again.Chris was thereevery time he came up, too, keeping it dark and warmand safe."Love." A straw pushed in his lips, cold water sobright it was almost shocking."Just a bit," murmured Chris, the words careful andsoft."Thank you." He thought about opening his eyes,then thought different."Just relax, Justin.You don't need to do anything butrest and get better.""I'm sorry.I was going to cook, but." The migrainehad hit so fast."You're exempt if you're sick, babe."He hummed, nuzzling in."I tried."174 "I know.I saw.""Thank you for your help.""Shh.Just rest.I know it flares back up if you getmoving too soon.""Yeah." Migraines sucked.He wasn't sure why he gotthem, and they didn't happen often, but when they did,ick.And also ow."I've got some wonton soup we can warm up whenyou're feeling up to testing out your stomach.""Okay.Okay, maybe.Maybe you'd cook me eggs?""Yeah? I could probably manage some eggs.""I like your eggs." They were like.home."This is just revenge for making you cook suppers."He could tell Chris was pleased, though, the wordsteasing, the look in Coach's eyes warm."Yep.My brain exploded." He winked, reached outand twined their fingers together.Chris chuckled for him, tugging him closer andnuzzling the top of his head."It's better now, though,yeah?""Yeah.Just feels weird and tingly, you know howthat is.""Luckily I only know because you've told me and notfrom experience.I'd take it from you if I could, though."Chris' hands were so warm where they touched him."Mmm." He just let himself enjoy it, float, nice andeasy.Soft sounds slid over his skin as Chris pressed kissesagainst his shoulder, his throat.There was no pressurefrom Chris to do anything, none at all, despite the heathe could feel against his thigh.He let himself just melt,enjoy the care, the love that he could feel in every touch.Chris' touches slowed, the big hands just resting againsthis skin now, warm breath pushing against his neck."I love you." Justin let the words float there.175 He felt Chris' smile against his skin.Chris had him, and it was okay.Good, even.Real.176 Chapter FifteenChris waited for Justin to do up his belt and startedthe car, aiming for home.Justin's hair was still wet fromhis swim, his cheeks bright from effort.His babe lookedhappy and that made his heart glad [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]