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. Oh, I'd say it's working just right.Now all we need ita cock ring because I'd hate to have you come again.Yourballs would ache. Dillon actually winked at him, and then reached over in the bedside table again, coming up with afigure eight piece of leather. Holds your cock and yourballs all nice and snuggly together.""Mmm.It's beautiful. It was.It was stunning.How was he going to walk away from this?Dillon nodded, sliding the leather over his skin, tracing theedges of his corset with the ring.Even his clamped nipplesgot a touch before the leather was wrapped around hisballs and then his cock.Dillon watched him closely as thering was snapped closed."Mmm. He arched, moaning low as pleasure flooded him.He loved the feeling of being held tight, of being caressed."Just look at you, murmured Dillon, eyes dragging overhim, making him feel that look all over his skin.Dal stretched, letting Dillon look his fill, letting Dillon admire."The whole works tonight.Stunning.Just. Dillon groanedand leaned in to kiss him, mouth hard, tongue pushing pasthis lips.His moaned  love was lost between their lips, crushed intheir kiss."You make me want again, make me need, murmured Dillon.He could tell, he could feel the heat and hardness ofDillon against his hip.Then Dillon moved again, pilled thepillows up and sat back against the headboard. Dance forme, baby.Show me how sexy you can be.""What? He blinked over, just sort of staring. Dance?"Nodding, Dillon dropped a hand in his own lap, cuppingand rolling his balls, fondling his prick. You must feel everymovement, every breath with all of yourself at the moment.So move for me, show me how the clamps and the corsetand the plug and the cock ring make you feel. God, Dillon'svoice was husky, his eyes dark and needy."There's no music. He stood up, feeling vulnerable andopen and exposed all at once.Dillon chuckled, standing and moving over to a classy blackdresser he hadn't even seen.There was a sound systemthere and Dillon turned it on, classical music pouring out ofhidden speakers filling the room with the sound.Returningto the bed, Dillon settled again, licked his lips. No moreexcuses, baby.Do it.""Pushy. It was easier with other people, but not impossible.Dal closed his eyes, focusing on his body, the music, theheat inside him.He could feel the plug with everymovement, the chains on the clamps swaying and makinghis nipples ache and ache. "God, baby, Dillon's voice was like crushed glass. Openyour eyes and let me see you."Moaning, he opened his eyes, staring right into Dillon,letting the man see everything.See how much he loved."Oh, fuck. Dillon's eyes shone at him, one hand slidingover Dillon's prick, working it with jerky strokes. Absolutelystunning."All of a sudden, the plug began to vibrate, shivering insidehim. Dillon. His hips jerked, hands wrapping around thebedposts for support.Dillon moaned, the sound low and needy, coming inbeneath the sensual sounds of the violins. Don't stop,baby.""No.No, I won't. He danced and shimmied, heartpounding. I won't.""So damned sexy.And all mine. The words were growled,possessive, Dillon's eyes roaming his body.The vibrationscontinued, starting inside him and going through his wholebody."Yes. He stretched up, trying to take the vibrations in, tryingto adjust.Dillon nodded, hand slowly working the hard prick in his lap.  I could do this all night.Watch you move for me until thesun comes up and makes the sweat on your skin shine.""I'll get tired. Sore.Clumsy.Sticky."You'd do it for me though, wouldn't you? It wasn't really aquestion, they both knew it to be true.Dillon's grin was feral,his hand moving a little bit faster over that magnificent cock. I won't make you do it all night, baby.But don't stop yet.""No? You don't want my mouth? His hips rolled, cockbobbing."I'm torn, Dal.I want to watch you and I want your mouth.Dillon's voice had taken on that husky, needy tone thatmade Dal's prick throb, ache.Groaning, Dillon grabbed hisown balls and tugged on them. Your mouth.I want yourmouth."He crawled up onto the mattress, hips still rocking, heartpounding. Yes.Yes, love.""Just look at you. Dillon moaned, tugged harder on hisprick. So sexy."The chain hanging between his nipples got caught on oneof Dillon's toes, tugging at the clamps that held him tight. Oh.Bitch.Fuck. He shuddered, lips open."I'll kiss them better. The chain slid away from Dillon's foot, swinging gently.Jesus Christ.No and yes.His eyes rolling, lips open, breathhuffing from him.Dillon's fingers slid over his face, outlininghis features.Between the swinging of the chain and thevibrations moving through him from the plug, the gentletouches to his face felt huge [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]