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."Gideon let his fingers slowly slide away, kissing the tips as they passed the warm lips.He was shivering, moaning for Gideon, for himself.Gideon grabbed his hand and brought it back to that wicked mouth, teeth nipping at his fingertipsbefore Gideon let his hand go again."Is every nerve awake, darlin'? Are you ready to have awonderful meal?""Yes.Yes, love.I.I feel like I could just shake apart.""I'll make sure you don't," murmured Gideon.Their food arrived, a huge round platter set on the table, piled high with filet steaks and shrimpand lobster on a bed of lettuce leaves of every color imaginable."Mmm.look at all this.I hope you're hungry, darlin'.""Oh, Gideon.Look at it." He took a deep breath, the smells fascinating, new.Wonderful.Gideon used his fingers to pick up a piece of lobster, dripping with a thin sauce.Gideon had thefirst bite himself, and he smiled, nodded.The next piece was held up to his lips."It's mostexcellent."Tybalt tasted, moaning as the meat melted in his mouth.Oh.Oh, sweet and rich and."Mmm.""Yes," murmured Gideon, the look in his eyes heated."I swear, watching you eat is better thanany feast."Oh, that regard was.Well, it was amazing and strange and uncomfortable and arousing and.Oh.Velvet Blade - 84 Gideon licked his lips and then sliced up one of the steaks, taking a piece himself, testing itbefore offering a bite to him.They ate the entire meal like that, relaxed and easy, talking quietly.He found himself totallyfocused on Gideon, on the pleasure and the food."I think we'll get dessert sent up.I need.""Yes.Yes, Gideon.Anything." He found he meant it, too.The heat in Gideon's eyes increased."Oh yes."Dory came by to clear their plates and Gideon asked for a bowl of fruit and whipped cream to besent to their room.The way Gideon said it sounded sexy, dirty.He adjusted himself, pulling his shirttail over the bulge his cock made.Gideon shook his head."Oh, no.No, that won't do." Gideon stood and tucked his shirt into thetop of his waistband, all the way around."I want everyone to see how magnificent you are.""Gideon." His cheeks flared, his need so very.evident.Those intense eyes glanced down, and he followed the gaze, finding Gideon in a similar state."Itis nothing to be ashamed of, darlin'.Especially here."Then Gideon's hand slid to the small of his back.He didn't know what to say, so he walked, leaning back against Gideon's hand, letting his loversupport him.Gideon walked proudly next to him, shooting happy smiles at him now and then.His cock flagged some as they walked, making it easier, making it less noticeable.Gideon's hand slid beneath his shirt, fingertips dancing on the skin of his back, and, when theystopped to wait for the lift, Gideon leaned close again, murmured in his ear."I've been thinkingabout having your mouth since you came in the doorway on the streets.Every mouthful you tookonly made me harder.""Gideon." His cock hardened right back up, hands opening and closing over and over.The fingers on his back slipped to the bundle of nerves just above his ass, slid and played there,making him shiver."Yes, darlin'?""I want you."Velvet Blade - 85 Gideon's moan was most animalistic, the heat in his eyes almost a physical burn."Yes.And youshall have me."The lift doors opened, men spilling out amid color and flash and noise.Gideon's eyes never lefthis.It was like being trapped, being held, being caught, and Tybalt loved it.He couldn't look away as they walked into the lift.Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gideonpress the button to their floor, but pretty much all his attention was on Gideon, on the way thestrong body pushed him back up against the wall."You're so warm." Strong.Sexy.Fine."And you're the sexiest thing I've ever seen." Gideon's cheek rubbed against his.He dared to reach out, cup Gideon's cock, rub it gently."Tybalt!" Gideon pressed hard into his hand, hips rolling, grinding against him.And then the liftcame to a stop, the soft, subtle ding sounding."Here we are." Gideon's voice was a low growl, and his hand was taken as Gideon strode towardtheir rooms.He hurried along, cock throbbing, rubbing in his slacks."I'm going to need tighter underwear tolive with you."Gideon chuckled at that, the sound husky and sexy."I don't know -- I kind of like being able tosee how much you need me."His cheeks went hot, hips jerking a little."Mmm.and you like knowing I'm looking."Gideon palmed open the door and pulled him in, slamming him up against the door as it closed,mouth descending on his.He went up on his toes, sobbing with a sudden, wondrous need.One of Gideon's hands slid down and grabbed his ass, squeezing hard as Gideon's tongue sweptthrough his mouth.He climbed up Gideon, legs wrapping around the muscled hips.Velvet Blade - 86 Large hands grabbed his collar and split his shirt, Gideon's hips grinding against his, the needsinging between them."Gideon.Please." His skin burned, aching for that touch, his fingers needing to touch.Gideon moaned and moved them from the wall, laying him out on the closest flat surface, whichwas the table in the kitchen.His own pants were pulled off first, quickly followed by Gideon'sshirt and pants, his lover tossing the items over his shoulder before pouncing.He spread, legswrapping around Gideon, pulling him in close.Gideon's nails raked along his sides, one hand wrapping around his hip."Want you, darlin'.""Yours.All of me.I swear." He did.He meant it.He swore."I know."Gideon slid two fingers into his mouth, sliding them along his tongue.It was easy, to suck, tolick those fingers, wet them.Groaning, Gideon's tongue joined his, wetting the fingers, but alsohis lips, his chin.Then Gideon's fingers were gone, sliding down to push at his hole.He bore down, taking Gideon in, needing more, needing to feel.Those fingers slid deep,stretched apart and then pushed in deeper again."Oh yes, all mine.""Yes.Yes, anything." He closed his lips around the words, groaning deep in his throat asGideon's fingers pegged his gland, hard.Gideon's mouth latched onto the skin of his neck, sucking and licking and biting, even as thosefingers hit his gland again and again."Love!" He shook, begging for it, for more of those touches."Please."Gideon's fingers slowed for a moment, slipped nearly all the way out before suddenly pushingback in, wider than ever as Gideon's pinky pushed in with the other three."Gideon." His legs spread, eyes rolling in his head."All mine." Those fingers pushed in and in, spreading him wider than he'd ever been."I.I.Full." Gideon's.All of him.Velvet Blade - 87 "Yes." Gideon bit his collarbone, fingers sliding in and out, seeming to push deeper into himevery time.He sobbed, beginning to shake, sensations overwhelming him."Do you trust me, darlin'?" Gideon's voice was so husky and low, vibrating through him like theman was a part of him."Yes.Yes." He did.He didn't know why, but he did."Good."Gideon's fingers slid out of him as that mouth covered his again in another hard, wonderful kiss.And before he could protest, Gideon's fingers were back, slicker than ever.He shifted, heartslamming in his chest as that kiss confused him, distracted him, held him tight.It went on and on, the wide stretch of Gideon's fingers giving it a sharp edge.Tybalt was lost --he couldn't breathe, he couldn't move, he couldn't escape.He just stared, looking into Gideon'seyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]