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.As quickly as that,his Malachi brought him to center, eased him. That s it, Malachi.Bring me off.And after, they would play.Those tight lips dropped down, slid over his shaft and sealed around the base, the suctiongrowing stronger.He slid his hands through Malachi s hair, opening and closing his fingers.Hedidn t need to guide  Malachi knew exactly what he wanted, what he needed.Malachi knew andMalachi gave, trusting him and taking him into that tight throat, to giving him Malachi s breath. Oh, yes.So close, Malachi.So very close.Long fingers cupped his sacs, rolling the balls within even as Malachi swallowed.If hehad not been who he was, he would have screamed.As it was, his balls emptied in long pulses,his body shuddering with the magnificent pleasure.Malachi took him down, didn t miss a drop.Then his shaft was licked clean, the caressessoft, careful. Thank you, he murmured, his calm restored.In fact he felt marvelous. Tuck me backtogether and then choose something from the cabinet. He stroked Malachi s cheek.He wouldease any tensions from his beautiful lover.Malachi s hands tucked him away, fingers sliding on his skin.Then his naked and hardlover stood, needy and proud.He admired every inch.Malachi s body was perfection  heworked hard and it showed.Hercules ached to reach out and touch but he made himself wait.Hemade them both wait.Later.Malachi moved to the cabinet, sorting through the whips and floggers and paddles.Aleather flogger was chosen  heavy and strong and it would thud upon Malachi s flesh.Herculestook in a deep breath, new warmth filing him.Malachi was so good to him. Would you like to be stretched and chained for it, or would you like to lean over thetable?  Whichever would please you most. There was no simpering, simply honesty. Yourtouch is all I need. The table, then.Malachi didn t need to be restrained in order to obey, and it would mean less work tomove them into his bedroom once they were done.It had been too long a day to fool around withchains and massages after. Yes, Hercules. Malachi leaned over the table, thighs spread just slightly, exposinghimself. Mmm & yes.Just like that.It was the only warning he gave before bringing the flogger down across Malachi s back,right along his spine.Malachi didn t move, didn t jerk, but the mark went a deep rose, andMalachi s muscles went tight.He licked his lips and took another deep breath.It would be &uncontrolled of him to moan before Malachi.He let the flogger fly again, this time striking across the top of Malachi s buttocks.Malachi s ass went tight, clenching for him, the fine skin pink.His next hit was just below thefirst on that beautiful ass, and the next at the top of Malachi s thighs.He could feel thereverberations travel from the flogger up his arm, an echo to the sound of the leather hittingMalachi s skin.Malachi began to shift, dancing under the blows, under his blows. Let me hear you, he commanded, hitting one shoulder and then the other. Hercules &  His name was nearly growled, Malachi preferring the control of silence,the comfort there. I mean it, Malachi.I want to hear the effects of each blow.You will give me yoursounds. He would have Malachi s control.He reveled in taking it.He saw Malachi shudder, the sweet skin flushing. Yes, Hercules.He chuckled softly. I expect to hear more than just my name. He hit the bottom ofMalachi s ass, low enough Malachi s balls would feel the rush of air from the flogger hitting.He received a soft hiss, the table groaning as Malachi s muscles tensed. That s it. He hit the same spot again and then let the leather thump against the small ofMalachi s back where a sweet bundle of nerves lay.Malachi grunted, hips canting, entire body shuddering.He hummed, the vibrations of theflogger through his arm so pleasing, the dark color on Malachi s skin equally so.He hit againacross Malachi s shoulders. Love. Malachi s head tossed, eyes wide open and staring at nothing. Yes, he murmured, one hand sliding along Malachi s back, the heat incredible whereeach dark welt lay. Oh &  Malachi s eyes closed, that moan pure joy. Every sound you give me shall receive this reward, he murmured, sliding his hand upalong Malachi s spine.He stood back, and brought the flogger down along the tops of Malachi s thighs again.Malachi groaned low, the sound raw and rough, muscled thighs gone taut. Just like that. Hercules slid his hand over Malachi s ass, squeezing the abused flesh justa little. Thank you. Malachi spread for him, stretched.So lovely.The pale body made him need so much.His prick was already hard again andstraining at his tight pants.He patted Malachi s ass and then stood back and hit it twice with theflogger, one for each cheek.Those blows earned him gasps, the tiny hole winking at him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]



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