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.He moaned, hand finding Ken's, twisting their fingers together and holding on tight.Hewasn't ever going to let go.Ken pulled out and helped him up and he felt like his legswere going to go out from under him."Bay? You okay?""Just tired.Can't sleep right without you."Ken nodded and helped him to the sofa.He curled up with his head on Ken's thigh, Ken'sfingers sliding through his hair.His own hand was wrapped around Ken's leg.Nope.Never ever letting go.His eyes closed and everything slowly went black.***Simon was proud of himself.He'd lasted six hours in the cabin with Rick before he grabbed his stuff and moved to thebarn loft. He had a little lantern and a cold weather sleeping bag and a thermos of coffee and hisbinocs.This was doable.Way more doable than staying inside with an ex-lover and thetwins, even if it was cold-cold.If there wasn't any problems in two weeks, he was gone.He turned the lantern on low, opened his book -- some murder-mystery, and startedreading.Around page twenty the barn door creaked.He grabbed his pistol, shifted back into the shadows and watched.If it was Simon, hewas going to just shoot the man.It wasn't Rick's voice that called for him though.It was Ken's."Simon? I know you're inhere somewhere.""Ken? What's wrong?" He holstered his pistol.Ken came up the ladder to the loft, wide grin on his face."Hey, Simon.Wanna fuck?""Aren't you supposed to be with your brother?" He shook his head, grinned.Ken rolled his eyes."Bay's still asleep.Probably going to sleep all night and intotomorrow.Rick said 'cept for dozing in the car he hardly slept the whole time." Ken stoodnext to his makeshift bed."Gonna let me in before something freezes off?"He lifted one edge of the blankets, let Ken in."Does Rick know where you are?""Told him I was coming to see you."Ken stepped out of his sneakers and scooted in with him, wriggling and pulling off the t-shirt and sweatpants as soon as he was under the blankets."Gonna let me fuck you tonight?""Do you ever give up?" Simon chuckled, shook his head."You're something else.""I'm eventually going to wear you down, baby!" Ken grinned and rubbed up against him,the move growing more and more familiar.He laughed, pulled Ken closer."Be careful or I'll make you go grocery shopping again."Ken shuddered dramatically."Couldn't you just beat me instead?"They both laughed together as their lips met, his tongue pushing into Ken's mouth.Ken moaned, hands sliding into his hair and tilting his head, sucking on his tongue.Thepassion was still there, the panic faded.Desperation gone.It was good.Damned good.Ken moaned and lay back, tugging him so he was on top, weight pushing Ken into thefloor.Sweet noises poured from Ken, the slender fingers moving over his back."You got any rubbers? 'Cause I don't." He thrust and rubbed, hips just rocking.Ken gave him a wide grin."I slipped the box I bought into your bag when we put thegroceries in the trunk."He swatted Ken's ass, the sound sweet and sharp."You little perv."Ken gasped and laughed a little breathlessly."Oh fuck, do it again, Simon.""You need your ass heated?" He leaned down, tugging the ring in Ken's nipple with histeeth.Ken jerked, hips going wild against him."Just need, Simon.Fuck.Make me feel it."He slicked two fingers in his mouth, pushing them deep into Ken's body."Like this?""Yes!"Ken bucked and started moving, riding his fingers."Fucking hot, Ken." He added another finger, free hand opening his jeans.Ken just moaned and rode him harder, fingernails scrapping as he grabbed at Simon'sshoulders.He pushed deep, curled his fingers, cock rubbing against Ken's thigh.Ken cried out."There! Oh fuck, again!"Simon just nodded, pegged the kid's gland over and over.Ken was just wild, writhing on his fingers, rubbing the hot, sweet cock along his belly,making all sorts of noises.His own cock was rubbing and stroking along one smooth thigh, leaving a wet trail."Come on, Simon.Fuck me.Please?""Grab for the rubbers." His teeth found one nipple, nipped hard. Ken bucked again and stretched out, reaching for his bag and rummaging through it withone hand.He kept biting, fingers moving steadily.A condom was shoved at him, Ken's eyes glazed with pleasure."My hands are busy.Put it on."Ken whimpered, hands trembling as they opened the package and slid it onto his cock."Oh.Oh, fuck." He nodded, traded fingers for cock, just like that, pushing in deep, a lowgroan filling the cold air, the old barn creaking.Ken's legs wrapped around his waist, heels digging into the small of his back."Fuck me.""Yeah." He did, deep and hard, just pulling Ken into it.their bodies slamming together [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]