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.Travis stared over her shoulderto watch Cassidy slip his long fingers into her, thumb resting over her clit.Travis matched the motion,his finger easing lube into her tight passage.Ashley dropped her head back on his shoulder. I m tingling all over.Travis nuzzled her until she gave him her lips, Cassidy sneaking out to pull on a condom beforetaking over the kissing and letting Travis suit up as well.Cassidy sat on the couch and patted his lap. Come on, woman.Ride me.No hesitation.Ashley crawled up and lowered herself over him, rocking slowly as she workedherself down on Cassidy s thick cock.They kissed again, then glanced over her shoulder inexpectation. Travis joined them, Cassidy s hands pulling Ashley s ass cheeks apart and giving him lots of roomto place the head of his cock to her hole and press forward.A long, low moan escaped her, and Travis damn near lost it.Watching his cock slip into her,feeling her heat surround him.And Cassidy he slid his hands off Ashley s ass and stroked Travisbest he could.They were sandwiched together, perfect, so when Travis leaned forward he could kiss either ofthem.Hold on to them and look them in the eye and try to let it out how much they meant to him.Cassidy thrust his hips up as they supported Ashley between them, two cocks fucking her.Cassidy s hard length was damn near rubbing his, separated only by the thin layer inside her body.Travis thrust in all the way and savoured the extra edge of pleasure he got from it being two of themgiving to her.The three of them, all tangled together as one. Oh, fuck.T.I m going to come.Travis slipped his hand between them, over Ashley s stomach to circle her clit, teasing the linebetween where Cassidy entered her body. Hang on&  Fuck.Cassidy squeezed his eyes shut and Ashley laughed, using her legs to unmercifully bounce herselfharder on his cock. Come on, Cass.You like it when I do this?Cassidy gasped, eyes popping open, mouth wide.It only made Ashley laugh louder as she reached back to cradle Travis s neck and accept his mouthagainst hers.A moment later she arched hard, a cry escaping her lips as she came, and that was it.Travisshuddered to a stop, buried deep, able to feel Cassidy lose it.Their cocks jerked inside her soft body,her torso melting on top of Cassidy as she went boneless but for the rocking aftershocks.Travis panted, a slick of sweat over his body as he blanketed them, unable to stop touching.Caressing.A kiss between her shoulders.A nip to Cassidy s chin that made him smile as he relaxedinto the couch cushions.Travis hadn t said the words, it was true, but for now this was what he could give.His actions, notonly during sex but the things he was doing to make them a home.To find a way that they could staytogether heading into the future.Once that was the only possible outcome, he figured the words would explode out.Cassidy cupped his face, his green eyes boring into Travis as he nodded, then touched his lips toAshley s temple, brushing her long hair out of the way.Disheveled.Sweaty.Sex soaked. The picture looks good from this angle, Ashley whispered.Travis twisted his head.Not toward the wall where her artwork hung, but to take in both Ashleyand Cassidy as they sprawled under him.Her hair was tousled around her, Cassidy s fingers gentlystroking through the strands.Travis clung to them both, his fingers linked with Cassidy s other handwhere it rested on her thigh. The view is perfect from this angle as well. Chapter Twenty-SevenThe local fairgrounds were already showing signs of the full-out picnic activities planned forSaturday.Mother Nature had cooperated with a gorgeous fall day, the annual September event afamiliar time to get involved in the community before the snow descended in late October.Travis pulled into the gravel parking lot, waving at the fellow in the orange vest working the gate.The man smiled at Travis before glancing into the truck.His happy expression faded as he spottedboth Ashley and Cassidy.Ashley forced herself to look away, choosing instead to focus on the white-topped tents beingraised on the grassy space, bright-coloured flags fluttering around the edges.Not everyone would be happy to see her and the boys at the picnic, but not everyone would bejerks, either.What had Jaxi told her? Stupid people would act like stupid people she had to ignorethem.Cassidy took her hand and helped her down from the high cab of Travis s truck, brushing a kissagainst her temple on the sly before giving her more room. You headed anywhere in particular? he asked as she reached back in and grabbed the packageshe d brought as her contribution for a local fundraiser. Vicki said she and the girls were setting up coffee first thing.I ll meet them there, then we llwander for a while.Travis emerged from around the truck and slipped in front of her. We re going to join in thebaseball game later if you feel like cheering us on. You know it. She gave him a wink. And barring that, I ll meet you at the pie tent, right? She s got your number, T, Cassidy teased. Of course she does. Travis tugged her close and kissed her, giving her no opportunity to protest.She tried to wiggle free, but that only got her pinned tighter in place until she relaxed and accepted hiscaress, sighing happily when he finally let her go [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]