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.The literature theywere given, however, explained that they could take their pick of any style accommodations they couldafford, from economical to extravagant."Wow, look at some of these places," Yvette exclaimed to her brother.Both agents were sure that theserooms, too, were bugged, so they were being very careful to watch what they said while indoors."I wantto live in an apartment like this," and she pointed to one set of pictures that, true to real-estate-brochureform, were more beautiful than true.Jules looked at the picture his sister indicated, and pretended to be concerned about their financial state."We can't afford that," he said flatly."We'll take a two bedroom place like this one over here instead.Ata hundred and fifty rubles a month, it'll allow us a little more spending money for other things we -mayneed."They had a mock argument on the subject, with Yvette eventually giving in."You're always toopractical," she declared.The next day they moved into a two-bedroom apartment similar to the one in the brochure, though notas picture perfect.Yvette admitted grudgingly that it would be acceptable, and the argument ended there. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.htmlIn the meantime, too, they had been reading the bookreel they'd been given entitled YOUR GUIDE TOSANCTUARY.At present the planet contained only the one city, which had a population of over27,000.Of that population, almost two-thirds were "refugees" like the d'Alemberts, with the rest beingemployees of the government-service personnel to perform the tasks that needed doing.The clients couldtake it easy in what was essentially a retirement village.No effort had been spared in an attempt to keep the immigrants happy with their new lives.Thecommunity was beautifully planned, with apartment buildings skillfully blended into the natural landscape.Nothing was crowded together.There were parks and greenery everywhere one looked, and the effectwas most pleasing to the eye.There were plenty of swimming pools and gymnasia, sports areas, shops,theaters, restaurants, bars, casinos and other places where the newly located citizens could pass theirtime without fear of the police.A more critical observer would have noticed some important omissions in the book's text, however.Nowhere was there any mention of government, or how the people might regulate their own lives.Therewas no mention of communicating with anyone offworld.And nowhere did it say a word about leavingthe planet again.Ever.Sanctuary was, in reality, a penitentiary without bars.Luxury plus, it was true, but a prison nonetheless.The inmates must have realized that fact, at least on a subconscious level.For the most part these werepeople who had lived hard lives as criminals, and they could not easily adjust to unlimited leisure.Drinksand drugs were consumed on a vast scale, and scarcely a day went by without several major brawlserupting in the bars.Sanctuary, at best, was an imperfect paradise.Now that the d'Alemberts were finally here, they could concentrate on their real assignment, which wasto find Helena and make sure she'd be able to escape from here safely.Jules had thought this wouldmean his sister would finally stop seeing Nav socially and work with him again.To his chagrin, he foundthis was not so."Look at it this way," Yvette said as the two of them were taking a stroll along an isolated path.Theyhad found themselves taking a lot of walks since coming here; it was one way of making sure theirconversations would not be bugged."There are more than ?7,000 people here, and we're looking forone particular one.We'll double our chances of spotting her if we split up and look individually.If Piaswants to escort me all over the city, what better excuse for me to be out and looking at things? That'llleave you free to look in the places where I don't go."The fact that her plan was contradictory to his own wishes and yet made so much sense at the same timeonly served to make Jules more upset."He's not being honest with you," he insisted."There's somethingmore sinister in him than he's showing." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html"You keep making these vague accusations.You've been keeping a close watch on him for over a weeknow; haven't you learned anything more definite?"Reluctantly, then, Jules told her about Nav's strange behavior in Carnery's cabin the second day aboardship.Yvette listened attentively, then was silent for a long moment after her brother had finished."I knewthere was something unusual between Pias and Carnery; I could feel it from the very first moment Piasspoke about the man.Khorosho, so maybe he has a personal grudge against Carnery for some reason.Is that any ex-cuse for me not to like him?""You didn't see the expression on his face.I tell you, that man is dangerous.""All men are dangerous," Yvette smiled."That's one of the first lessons a girl learns when she grows up.If we let that stop us, the human race would have been extinct millennia ago.Is that all the evidence youhave against him?""No.He's lying to us about his identity, too.I found a handkerchief in his cabin with the monogram `PB'in one corner.""We're lying to him about our identities, too, you know.I'm not really Yarmilla Dubcek.I can see anumber of circumstances where it might be convenient for a professional gambler to change his namefrequently.It's not the name I care about, it's the person behind it.He's a good man, Julie; I know that assurely as I know anything in the Universe."She leaned over and kissed her brother lightly on the forehead."It's very sweet of you to be soconcerned about me, really it is.I know it's because you love me, and I love you too.But remember, I'ma year older than you are.I can take care of myself, honestly I can.We're not Siamese twins, I do have alife of my own.I don't begrudge you the time you spend with VoDnie, please grant me the samecourtesy."She glanced at her ringwatch."I really don't have time to talk about it further right now-I promised to Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.htmlmeet Pias in ten more minutes, and if I hurry I can just make it.I'll keep in mind what you've told meabout him, and I'll keep my eyes open for any sign of Helena at the same time.That is my primarypurpose here, and I know that as well as you do.But let me do it in my own way.A bientot." And shewalked hurriedly away, leaving Jules to feel very frustrated by his inability to convinct her of Nav'sdangerous potential.She's making an idiot of herself, he thought angrily.But he realized at the same time that his sister was avery strong-willed woman, and that he was not going to change her mind with a couple of words.Puttingher problem out of his mind for the moment, he concentrated on looking for Helena instead.Yvette met Pias Nav at a restaurant that specialized in Nagalese food.Although he was already seatedat a table right in front, she pretended not to spot him immediately, which gave her the opportunity to givethe room a general scan.There was no sign of Helena, so she acknowledged Nav's wave and went-to sitbeside him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]