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.There was no way he was giving Mo a phaser.That would be likegiving a child a sharp object and then telling the kid to go run andplay.Dangerous and stupid would be the correct words if he gave Moa phaser. Ah, come on.I promise not to point it at you. Let me repeat myself.Hell motherfucking no.N.O.Not gonnahappen.Not in this lifetime or any other. Hater, Mo mumbled as Livewire unlocked the weapons storageunit.Livewire kept one eye on the weapons, the other on his humancompanion. Ready? he asked after shoving a phaser into a thighholster and one into a shoulder holster.Livewire wasn t taking anychances. 64 Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn Yeah, but that phaser looks pretty damn obvious strapped to yourthigh. That s what I m going for.Do I look intimidating? Livewireflexed and gave Mo his most charming smile.Mo held his side as he laughed, shaking his head vigorously. Youlook like you re about to eat small children and pets.Don t smile, myman. Wait up, Tank called as he joined them. Remy said I should gowith you. Tank s Tweak 65Chapter 6Tank wasn t sure what was going on between Livewire and thehuman, and he didn t want to know either.He had his hands fullalready with Zackary.Tank didn t know there were so many differentways to have sex without having sex, but he was learning quickly. I didn t think Remy heard me, Livewire said as they headedtoward the cargo bay.Tank and Remy had both heard Livewire.Who wouldn t havewith the way the mechanic and the human were bickering? They werelike siblings or something& two-year-olds at the least.Tank smiled when he spotted his mate standing by the airlock.IfTank didn t have to leave, he d shove his mate into the nonworkingelevator and suck his brains out through his dick. Hey, tweak. Tank smiled as he scooped his mate up into hisarms. You better stay safe or I ll hunt you down and kick your ass,Zackary warned and then leaned in closer. I haven t felt any of thatcock in my ass yet, so don t hurt it out there.I have definite plans forit& and the rest of you. His mate tossed in the last part as if it werean afterthought.Tank chuckled at his quirky little mate. I promise. Then go. Zackary pushed Tank toward the airlock. I ll just stayhere and&  Zackary started wringing his hands together. I ll just sithere and worry. Zackary, I ll be fine. And I ll believe you when you step back through that airlock.Zackary made a shooing motion with his hand. Now go.I can only 66 Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glennworry so long, and your time is running out.We re on the clockhere.Tank chuckled softly as he walked into the airlock with Mo andLivewire.He watched his mate through the little window as theairlock pressurized and the door to the cargo ramp opened.Tank blewZackary a quick kiss through the glass then turned and walked off theship. Okay, Mo, where are we headed? Dude. Mo looked Tank up and down. You are so not going toblend in.Tank glanced down at his black leather pants, vest, and tank shirt.He even had on his good boots. What s wrong with my outfit? Ialways wear this. It has nothing to do with your outfit, although you do look a littlescience-fictioney.But there is no way someone isn t going to noticethat you re bigger than Sasquatch.Tank cocked his head to one side. What s a Sasquatch?Tank didn t think he had asked something funny, but Mo startedlaughing hysterically.He growled and swatted out at the man.Mododged Tank s beefy hand and sidestepped several times untilLivewire stood between the two of them.Tank glanced at Livewire to see the man watching Mo with a kindof stunned expression on his face. Are you sure we can t just shoothim out an airlock?Livewire snickered. I m thinking about it. What s an airlock? Mo asked.Tank and Livewire both stared for a moment then started laughinghysterically.Maybe there were things in both their worlds that wereconfusing, Tank thought as he walked off the ramp and followedbehind Mo and Livewire.They used the combat vehicle to get back to town, so the ride wasrather short.Mo directed them to park it behind a red brick buildingon one end of town.Tank didn t much like leaving the all-terrain Tank s Tweak 67vehicle unguarded, so he pulled some lumber and a ragged tarp overit, hiding it from view.Anyone simply passing by would miss it.Anyone looking for it might find it, but hopefully, they wouldn tknow how to drive the vehicle. Where to? he asked as he turned to look at Mo.He wouldn tknow where to go if he had a map.This place was too weird forwords.Hell, the damn buildings were made of brick real brick.Howodd was that? Well, Mo said as he pointed to the brick building in front ofthem,  we start at the bars at this end of town and work our way downthe street.Tank frowned. Just who are we looking for? A little weasel named Slick Sammy. Weasel? Tank had no idea what a weasel was, but it didn tsound good.In fact, it sounded kind of revolting given the disparagingtone of Mo s voice and the disgust on his face. Weasel, slime bag, scum of the earth. Mo shrugged. Take yourpick.They all describe Slick Sammy. And you re friends with this& er& weasel? Oh, hell no! Mo snapped.His eyes briefly blazed with anger. We ve done some business before.But we ain t friends never havebeen, never will be. And why are we looking for this man again? He owes me money& er&  Mo waved his hand absently in theair. Credits, and we need those to buy the detergent. I still don t understand the whole detergent thing, Tankadmitted.He could fly almost anything, anywhere.But the moretechnical side of the ship was lost on him. Don t worry, Tank, Livewire said as he patted Tank s shoulder. I do.The chemical compound in the detergent is the base chemicalcompound found in the fuel cells.If we alter it just a little, it shouldwork for what we need it for. 68 Lynn Hagen and Stormy GlennTank shrugged [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]