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.Ryan hated working off of a schedule.It left room for errors andhe wasn t used to making errors.And so far, he hadn t.But if thiscraziness kept up, he wasn t too sure that would last.As soon as they reached the ship and jumped on board, Augustlifted off of Beta Five.Ryan was on the bridge in seconds flat,searching the viewing screen for any signs of Orion s ship. He s on the far side of the planet, August said as he punched inthe coordinates. We can catch up to him in no time.Ryan s hands clenched behind his back. Then do it. He wasn tgoing to let the bastard get away.Not if he could help it.Arresting thecaptain and bringing him to justice would help Kurt cope with whathad been done to him, and stop Orion from abusing another person.But he also wanted the man behind bars where he was safe fromRyan s wrath.The images from the halo-vid of Kurt being abusedhadn t stopped running through his head since his mate had crashedinto the captain at the marketplace.Ryan s back molars ground whenthe ship they were after came into sight.The command to fire at it was on the tip of Ryan s tongue,begging to form into words.Ryan usually held his composure, goingafter his target with quiet stealth, but it had been Kurt who had beenvictimized.Ryan wasn t thinking with reason right now. What do you want me to shit! August growled out the curseword when Orion s ship fired at them.It was a direct hit.The Onyxshook and metal groaned as if fighting to stay together, but the shipcontinued to fly through space. The bastard is trying to kill us. Shields up. Ryan walked across the bridge and took the seatnext to Vane. How s the shoulder? Healing. Vane turned toward him. Do we return fire?Ryan took in a deep breath, stopping himself from screaming hellyes.Although he wanted to, badly. We pursue him for now.Vane shrugged. I ll listen to you until the fucker starts tearing myship apart.The gloves are off if he does that. Second Chances 153Ryan ignored Vane s vow.He was concentrating on the ship infront of them.They were gaining speed, but the Onyx was sorelyoutdated.Orion s ship moved ahead of them at an alarming rate.Soonthey were going to lose sight of it. Can t this thing go any faster? Ryan asked as he watched thecaptain s ship gain speed as well, almost outrunning them. Not today, Vane answered. I haven t made all of the repairsyet.Ryan grabbed the console as the Onyx rocked again, takinganother hit. Shields at thirty percent, August called out.They were losing shields rapidly.It shouldn t have dropped solow so quickly.Something had to be wrong. Lieutenant? Cheyenne said his name, turning to stare at him. We ll be defenseless soon.Do you want to continue to stand down?Ryan didn t want to be accused of killing Orion just because theman had tortured his mate.But he wasn t going to stand by and havethe Onyx blown into a million pieces either.He needed to make achoice. Fire at will, but try to disable the ship, not blow it out of space. Tall order, Cheyenne replied as he turned back around andstarted firing at the captain s ship, hitting it, but not disabling thedamn thing.The combat specialist fired again, this time doing somedamage. His shield is holding, but it is losing power.It s at seventypercent now, August reported. Can you hit the ship again without blowing it up? Ryan askedCheyenne.The man sighed deeply as if heavily put upon. Yeah, I can playfair.Ryan grinned despite the gravity of the situation.Cheyenne waspouting once again. Then disable it. 154 Lynn Hagen and Stormy GlennThe entire bridge scrambled to get the Onyx out of direct fire.Orion s ship was letting a rapid burst of phasers out, taking out theirshields and leaving them virtually defenseless.Too much more andthey wouldn t have a chance. The crazy bastard is trying to kill us, Cheyenne shouted.Ryan slammed his fist into the console.Orion was leaving himwith no choice.He engaged the monitor, recording the battle to use asproof of Orion s madness if he was questioned about his decision. Defend us. Ryan gave the order.Vane maneuvered them out of range, but Orion was determined,dogging their every move, not letting them get away.One more directhit and the Onyx would be history.Ryan stood rigid, his eyes neverleaving the viewing screen.He watched as Cheyenne delivered a fatal blow to Orion s ship,the explosion lighting up space in brilliant colors.Ryan s gutclenched at the loss.He wouldn t be able to make Orion suffer asmuch as the man had made Kurt suffer.It was over.Ryan cursed when the Onyx suddenly rocked and then everythingwent dead. What s going on? Some of the debris from the captain s ship hit us dead-on.Itknocked out our engines, August answered. We are dead in thewater.Ryan raced from the bridge, coming to a skidding halt when hespotted a porthole.He looked out, feeling his entire body shudderwhen they passed End of the Line [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]



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