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.”“Well, I thought I did,” Sage saidsoftly and Alex heard the edge in hisvoice.“But I had no idea that the man Ilove had another name.Is there anythingelse you’ve not told me?”Alex swallowed, hoping that hewouldn’t be struck down by lightning athis next lie.“No.There’s nothing elseyou need to know.I don’t tell anyoneabout my real name.If it got out there’sno telling who might recognise me andcome after me.It’s a remote possibilitybut I’d rather not force an issue.”Sage scowled.“Well, firstly, I didn’tthink I was just anyone and secondlysomeone obviously does know who youare—hence the clippings.”Alex could tell his boyfriend wasupset at the fact he hadn’t told him aboutthis sooner“Have you any idea who might havesent these?” Sage picked up theenvelope, turning it over, trying to seewhere it had come from.Alex shook his head.“I don’t know.Isuppose someone might have recognisedme from the TV and decided to remindme who I used to be.I’ve changed mylooks but I can’t change my eye colour.In hindsight I should have worn contactlenses to hide my eyes.”“There’s no postmark so someonemust have dropped it off.Perhaps wecan ask the desk to look at the CCTVfootage.” Sage pulled out his mobile,speaking to someone quietly beforecutting the call.“George will see if hecan see anything on the footage.Thatmight give us a clue as to who brought itin.”“Do you think this is something to dowith the person that hurt Dianne and hitMiles? Could it be the same person?”Sage looked grim.“I don’t know.Weneed to tell the police about this.I don’tlike it.What a bloody way to start aMonday morning.”His face grew softer as Alex wenteven paler.“This is all getting a bit outof hand.We have to tell DS Doyle soI’ll give him a call and see if he cancome over.Maybe they can dosomething with that.” He waved at theclippings as he disappeared out of theoffice.* * *Later that evening Sage sat in Dan’sapartment.DS Doyle had come to thefilm studio to take Alex’s statement andtake the clippings away in the hope theremight be fingerprints so he could tracethe sender.The detective had told themthatthiscasewasoutsidehisjurisdiction but that the Met was happyfor him to take the lead for the shortterm.No one was particularly hopeful.There’d been nothing on the CCTVfootage either that shed any light.The DS had promised Sage he’d tryand keep Alex’s identity a secret and notrelease any details about his past unlessabsolutely necessary and then only if hespoke to him first.He’d been verydisturbed at the fact that the young mansitting in front of him called AlexMontgomery was actually Evan Harding,someone who had been the cause of a lotof newspaper and TV coverage all thoseyears ago due his sensational rescue andhorrifically abusive treatment.Sage sat in front of his laptop withthe words “Evan Harding+Bohemia” inthe Google search box.He sat inindecision for a while as he deliberatedwhether to hit the search button.He’dbeen agonising over whether to do thissearch for days since finding out whoAlex really was.Now his curiosity hadfinally gotten the better of him and with adetermined gesture, he hit the button,sitting back as he waited for the resultsto be returned.He took a deep breath ashe looked at the screen.“Cult member finally released fromliving hell”“Young man latest victim in self-professed‘ProphetofBohemia’s’harem”“Evan Harding found living with cultleader in Surrey”“Young man found chained andsexually abused in basement.Cult leadershot and killed in rescue.”“Too disturbing to publish in othernewspapers—the pictures of youngeighteen-year-oldEvanHarding,recently rescued from cult in the South.Warning: these images are explicit andmay offend sensitive viewers.”He clicked on the articles, readingthem one by one, growing paler at eachentry.Finally he opened the last one andafter seeing the awful images and article,Sage sat back, slamming down the lid tothe laptop violently.His hands wereshaking.God, I should never have done this.He stood up, pacing around thelounge, staring out of the window intothe Chelsea streets below.It was rainingand the drizzle trickled down thewindows, obscuring his vision andmaking the scenes outside fuzzy anddistorted.Dan came in behind him, two beers inhand.He passed one over to his friend.“Are you all right?” he asked quietly“You haven’t been yourself lately.”Sage took the beer absently andopened it, taking a large gulp.“Notreally.There’s a lot going on at themoment.”“It’s Alex isn’t it? I’ve never seenyou like this, Sage.That man has reallygotten under your skin.”Dan sat down, propping his sockedfeet up on the centre table.He observedhis best friend closely.“You are so inlove with him, aren’t you?” His facewas serious.Sage looked at him, his eyes hooded.“I do love him, Dan.A lot.”Dan nodded his head.“I knew it.You’ve been mooning around like apuppy since you met this guy.I don’tknow what it is about him, but there’sdefinitely something.I like him though.Ithink you’ve been really good for eachother.”Sage laughed harshly.“That’s puttingit mildly.If you knew the full story aboutour ‘relationship’ you’d put me in aloony bin.”“Then tell me.Share it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]