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.Remo waited for a moment near the car, while Chiun vanished into the backyard of a house two doors from Baker's.He gave the Master of Sinanju a few seconds, then ambled down the block and up to Baker's door.Inside the house the doorbell played a little tune that Remo couldn't quite recognize.He rang it again.The door opened and he was still trying to figure out the song so he rang it a third time."Oh," he told the man at the door."The Rocky theme.Oh, brother."Remo had been expecting some sort of a tough guy to answer.What he got was an animated version of the Pillsbury doughboy."I don't want nothin'," the man said."I guess that makes you one of a kind.""Says what?""Everybody wants something," Remo answered."Not me.Now go away.""Staying alive.I bet you want that, don't you?"The eyes narrowed."Does I know you?""I know you, Mr.Cuvier."It took a second for the name to register, then the doughboy recoiled-and backed into Chiun, who'd come in through the rear without making a sound.The witness yelped and Remo caught his arms before he started sending windmill punches at the old Korean."See, now that will get you killed," Remo chided Cuvier."I've already saved your life, and we've only known each other fifteen seconds."Remo carried him into the living room and propped him upright on the sofa.Cuvier started swinging again as soon as Remo freed his hands, so he grabbed them again.Cuvier found his hands locked in twin steel vises.The guy wasn't even putting an effort into holding him prisoner."All right," Cuvier said at last, slumping."Go on and do what you come for.""That would be the saving-your-life thing I was talking about," Remo told him."You all want to explain that?""Three of your former associates have been killed recently." Remo gave him the names, watching the color drain from Cuvier's face as he spoke."Someone traced their new identities and ran them down.It wasn't pretty.You're the last in line.""How were the killings done?" Cuvier demanded."The medical examiner suspects a pack of animals.""Loup-garou!" Cuvier nearly bolted from the couch, despite Remo's restraining grip."What's that again?" he asked."Never you mind."Remo looked at Chiun, who looked bored."Loup-garou is werewolf," he explained."I'm getting out of here right now," Cuvier declared."That's exactly what we had in mind," Remo said.Chapter 5The rabbit had been dead for half an hour, maybe forty minutes.It was crossing Highway 85, between Papillion and La Vista, when it met a Dodge Intrepid doing half-past sixty in the northbound lane and was dispatched to bunny heaven on the spot.It was a clean kill, relatively speaking: fractured vertebrae and shattered skull, with visible extrusion of the brain, but no great damage to the carcass Page 21ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmloverall.In fact, the rabbit's body still retained a hint of warmth that pleased the leader of the pack, his nostrils flaring.He was a carnivore by breeding and by inclination, craving meat and mostly passing on the veggies when his stomach growled for food.As it was growling now.The little problem that isolated him from humanity also prevented him from strolling through a supermarket, loading up his basket with a pile of steaks, chops, ribs and such-but still, he had to eat.Back home, in the bayou country, he would go out prowling with the pack, or sometimes on his own, and not stop looking until he had satisfied his hunger.On the road, it was a different story.He could pack meat with him, ice it down, but it would only last so long and stretch so far.When he ran out, or the supply on hand went bad, the leader of the pack improvised.Roadkill, for instance.It was everywhere, though obviously more abundant in some areas than others.If you had the time to shop around, the nation's highways offered up a menu that would rival that of any gourmet restaurant.A savvy shopper had his pick of snake and turtle, squirrel and chipmunk, raccoon and opossum, rabbit, woodchuck, every now and then a deer to feed the whole damned pack.Some districts had their local specialties, like Texas armadillo, prairie dog on the Great Plains and wolverine in Michigan.He didn't care for cities, where the bill of fare was mostly cats and dogs, but meat was meat.This night, the rabbit was an appetizer.There wasn't enough of it to go around, and he wasn't inclined to offer any of it to the pack.They leered and grumbled at him, little whiny noises from the bitch, but he ignored them.They would all be feeding soon enough.And so would he.In truth, he could have passed by the rabbit and waited for the main event, but they had time to kill, and there was no point wasting food.If life had taught him anything, it was that you could never count on getting lucky.When you saw a free meal lying on the center strip and failed to stop, you could just as well go hungry down the road.He twisted off the rabbit's shattered skull and slit it down the belly with a ragged talon, disemboweling it before he peeled the skin.A glance in each direction told him that he had the highway to himself, no traffic at the moment, but solitude was like luck.It didn't last.The leader of the pack wasn't inclined to reminisce in any great detail, but there were times, like now, when he considered the peculiarities of life [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]